All Breed Shows $85.00
Specialties $95.00


Dogs actively being campaigned $10/day

Retainer deposit of $500 per dog.

Dogs in for conditioning, coat maintenance with monthly photo updates $15/day

Puppies (8 weeks and over) in for show preparation, training and conditioning (includes setting
ears, weekly measurement, coat care, socialization, ring training and weekly progress photos) $18.00/day

If your puppy or young dog is contracted (minimum 6 shows) to then be shown by us, a reduced rate of $15/day is offered.

Unentered dogs traveling to shows for show exposure, includes show routine, table time, leash work etc.
$15 additional/day plus prorated expenses.

Supplements provided and charged at $2/day for show string.
Girls (b strong, complete, omega 3, derma 3, in between for her)
Boys (b strong, complete, omega 3, derma 3, selenium, vit E)


Mileage: $0.25/mile (For travel time)

Expenses (Hotels, Fuel, Tolls, Parking, Help etc.….) Prorated and divided equally

Ringside Pick Up

All Breed Day of Show pick up $100.00
Specialty Day of Show pick up $115.00


National Specialty $300.00
Week of National Specialty pick up $400.00
Grooming Only at National Specialty $300.00


All Breed Best In Show $500.00
Reserve All Breed Best In Show $250.00

Group 1 $100
Group 2 $90
Group 3 $80
Group 4 $70

Specialty Best In Show $100/ National Best In Show $500
National Best Of Opposite Sex $250
National Select/Award of Merit $100
National WD, RWD, WB, RWB $100
National Futurity $150

All dogs 6 months and older must have a negative brucellosis test in the previous two months.

Stud Dog Management

A breeding fee of $350 is charged for live cover or shipping chilled semen.

Bitch in for Breeding

A board charge in addition to the breeding fee is charged, of $25 per day.

On the road care $30/day

Airport pick up/drop off Denver International Airport
$100 includes tolls/gas/mileage

Airport pick up/drop off when travelling for shows
$.25 per mile, plus $100 per hour round trip

Local Vet Care Visits

$45 plus $.25 a mile, During regular business hours. Emergency Vet Visit $75 plus $.25 a mile.

All vet costs incurred are the responsibility of the owner.

Travelling Vet Visits

$50 an hour plus $.25 mile round trip

All vet costs incurred are the responsibility of the owner.

Transport Services

$.48 per mile, $15/day board

Litter Evaluation Services

By Private contract, as available

Whelping / Raising Litters

Retainer deposit of $1000 per bitch.

Board for bitch is $18 a day until puppies arrive.

Whelping day is $500 plus an expense incurred for vet care/supplies.

Raising litters is $1000 a week.

Bottle/tube feeding round the clock $30 a day per pup.

Professional Photography

$250 Sitting fee, includes first 10 proofs/poses

Venue travel $.48/mile

Digital Renderings provided, actual photos can be provided at current market rate.
Ringside candid’s available where venue allows.
Graphic design and digital editing by private treaty
Estimated session time limit 2 hours

Fly in sessions available by private treaty (minimums sessions required)
Multiple session discounts available